Maximum quality

At Difrusa, we work to bring the best fresh produce from the field to the market.

We supervise the entire process: cultivation, harvesting, production and shipment.

To guarantee that our fruits and vegetables reach the end consumer with all of their qualities.

Both Difrusa and our partners have the necessary certifications that our clients may require.

How do we get there?

  • We are planning the crop with our customers and partners.
  • We guarantee a fully integrated process from the field to store.
  • We always have first-hand information regarding the status of the crops.
  • We are proud to support a sustainable agriculture.
  • We harvest at the right time.
  • We regularly visit the different production areas both in field and in warehouses.
  • Our cultivation and packaging processes are ruled by European standards, complying with the good agricultural practices harvesting at the right moment.
  • We control via laboratory analysis
  • Through continuous improvement we are always up to date
  • Our partners work with universities and other research centers.